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About Us

Who We Are

Free Forever-Latisha’s House Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) organization committed to creating a world Free from Slavery.

Free Forever-Latisha’s House Foundation provides survivors with safe housing and services that enable them to be Free.  Free from exploitation!  Free from abuse!  Free to make their own choices!  Free to realize their dreams!  Free Forever!

A look inside… our story & our home:

Healing Starts Here.

Latisha's Story

Latisha was a young girl (or so we thought) on the streets of Chicago who had been trafficked as a child and sold across state lines. She was rescued by Elizabeth Ameling, a mom of a then pre-teen daughter, and a team of teenage girls as a part of a church youth trip. They were there in Chicago feeding the hungry and giving out water in the extreme heat. 

As they drove to a safe house, Latisha told us she was 25 years old, was HIV positive, had been raped, charged with assault, and hated being on the street. She said that no one cared if she “lived or died” because she was “invisible.” Latisha had no identification, social security card, address or education. Her personal items had been taken from her years ago. She was forced to turn tricks, was beaten if she kept any money earned, and had to depend on her pimp for any clothing, food, or shelter. Latisha’s life was filled with fear. She had threats of assault, getting arrested, being hungry, too cold or too hot, and no one knew who she was.

Elizabeth and her team arrived at The Dream Center, a safe house in Chicago, where Latisha was welcomed with opened arms. She was told, “welcome home, Latisha, welcome home.”

Our Mission

Latisha’s House provides a long-term, transitional housing program for adult, female survivors of sex trafficking and offers individualized support to empower them to build a bridge from their traumatic past to a positive future.

We Do This By IPRAY:

To apply for our safe housing program

Please fill out our assessment application. Our team will follow up with an interview within 24-48 hours for possible admission into Latisha’s House.