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Lend a Hand

Latisha’s House depends on community support through both donations and volunteers. If you have the time, talents, and/or resources to provide for any of these needs, we would greatly appreciate it. Due to health regulations, we can only accept items that are new, unopened and not expired. If donating clothing we please ask that they are new or slightly used. No travel size items, or hotel products please. 

Below is a list of acceptable donations.

Interested in Volunteering

We are currently seeking individuals to play a role in our story. Here’s how you can help!

Step 1: 
Step 2: 
RSVP for a monthly volunteer & trauma training (email the location you are interested in volunteering with)
Step 3:
Interview & background check
Step 4:
Introduction to Latisha’s House
Step 5:
Role placement

If you have questions, please email/call: 
Virginia: [email protected], 757.346.5344
Florida: [email protected], 407.602.8756

To apply for our safe housing program

Please fill out our assessment application. Our team will follow up with an interview within 24-48 hours for possible admission into Latisha’s House.