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Our Services

What are our services & programs?

Latisha’s House Foundation connects residents with holistic wrap-around, trauma- informed services to allow each resident in our care to be productive members of society.

safe housing program

Our safe housing program provides a supportive environment for adult females to heal from trauma, discover their self-worth and find confidence to pursue their dreams.


A trained trauma-informed house manager is available, 24-7. Off-site therapy and addiction counseling is also available through community partners and individualized.

Job Training

Survivors learn cooking, budgeting, financial literacy, daily life and vocational skills; attend therapeutic fitness, art therapy, flower arranging, book group, mentorship and life coaching as part of a holistic approach to healing and gaining life skills.


100% of Survivors suffer from PTSD - the same diagnosis as many of our combat soldiers. Latisha's House facilitates emergency and acute care for medical, dental, and psychiatric needs, as well as medical advocacy.


Many Survivors were trafficked as children and may have as little as a 5th grade education. Latisha's House connects residents with GED tutoring through community partners for survivors. Latisha's House also offers higher education scholarships for it's long term residents. ​


The women often have charges related to being human trafficked, and/or involved with child custody cases. Latisha's House will provide support and advocacy-- accompanying victims to court, connecting victims with legal services, and/or helping with survivors' visitation with their children. ​


Upon arriving at Latisha's House, resident's will receive guidance and support in obtaining social security cards, birth certificates, or a government issued form of identification. Trafficking victims often have their ID taken away or if trafficked as a child, the survivor may have never had the opportunity to apply for identification. ​


Survivors are connected to services related to safety, permanent housing, and personal wellbeing. This includes: Social Services, Veteran Affairs, Victim Advocates, and local non-profits offering social services in the form of food assistance, clothing, permanent housing, personal growth including parenting classes, substance abuse support groups and self defense classes. Latisha's House also provides social support services in-house. ​


Latisha's House believes in a holistic approach to healing mind, body, and spirit. Residents who come to Latisha's House are given the opportunity to grow spiritually and develop a deeper relationship in their faith walk. This key component of our program, contributes to each survivor's success in addition to trauma counseling and other wrap-around services that are offered. ​

To apply for our safe housing program

Please fill out our assessment application. Our team will follow up with an interview within 24-48 hours for possible admission into Latisha’s House.